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Gamer.FM Overwolf App OVERWOLF APP

Listen to Gamer.FM inside your game with our awesome Overwolf app. Providing you with a truly unique gaming experience.


Gamer.FM Oxide Plugin Oxide Plugin

Install our Oxide plugin to your game server and interact with the current Live DJ with requests & shoutouts. See what song is playing in-game. (you won't be able to hear the audio in-game with this but we will be working on a NPC type plugin in the future that will play audio for rust servers)
Games that support Oxide:

  • Rust
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Hurtworld
  • The Forest
  • Reign of kings

How to install to your server:
Go to your main server root folder > oxide > Plugins. Drop the GamerFM.cs File in there and Reload your server.

  • /np - Diplays Current Song
  • /dj - Shows the Current DJ on air
  • /request - Send a request to the live DJ
  • /shoutout - Send a shoutout to the live DJ
  • /joke - Send a joke to be read out by the DJ on air

Gamer.FM OBS Overlay OBS Overlay

Download our OBS Overlay and stream Gamer.FM to your audience.
Simply add a new browser source as a local file in your obs and select the visual.html file


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